FCCM Videos and Audios

cccomdev img videos

cccomdev img videos

Watch a selection of videos and have a listen to the radio interviews produced with AMISNET during the FCCM!



Ajit Maru, GFAR, works to reinforce innovation and technology in critical rural areas. {podcast id=22}

Alice Van der Elstraeten, e-Agriculture, FAO, discusses the future perspectives of the FCCM.{podcast id=14}

According to Ashish Sen, AMARC India, radio is still the tool which is most effective in reaching rural populations in his country.{podcast id=23}

Bruce Girard, Fundación Comunica, discusses the concrete actions which can be put into place in order to promote effective communication in rural areas.{podcast id=15}

Damian Segura, CLOC Argentina, La Via Campesina, explains why rural communities in Argentina need increased access to communication tools (ES){podcast id=28}

Lamine Coulibaly, La Via Campesina Mali, discusses the role of farmer organizations in the transmission of information. (FR) {podcast id=16}

Lavinia Mohr, World Association of Christian Communication, works to reinforce communication rights of rural populations around the world.{podcast id=24}

Maria Pia Matta, President of AMARC, on the role of community radios within rural communites. (SP){podcast id=17}

Mike Jensen, Association of Progressive Communication, on strategies to promote public and private partnerships to attract investment.{podcast id=25}

Moses Kivanda, Kenya, on the difficulties which rural communities face in accessing information.{podcast id=18}

Norma Madeo, Minister of Agriculture of Argentina, on decisions made at institutional level regarding communication for rural development (SP){podcast id=26}

Ouangraoua Boukari, Inades-Formation/BF, tells of how newspapers have affected rural culture in Burkina Faso. (FR){podcast id=19}

Stella Tirol, UPLB, carried out a study on the policies of Bangladeshi insitutions aimed at implementing communication services for rural societies.{podcast id=29}

Toby Mendel, Centre for Law and Democracy, is the author of comparative research which analyses communication legislation in over thirty countries.{podcast id=20}

Venus Jennings, UNESCO, regarding dialogue between institutions and civil society organizations.{podcast id=27}

Yen-Ling Nikar Tsai, La Via Campesina Taiwan, discusses and depicts the situation for media in rural areas of Taiwan.{podcast id=21}

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