Approaches to Development Communication

Approaches to Development Communication

[2002] This collection of papers edited by Jan Servaes is part of a UNESCO/UNFPA orientation and resource kit on Development Communication. It is made up of 4 parts:

I. Introduction
Three general contributions set the stage for a more detailed analysis of the issue of communication for development and social change.

II. Theoretical Underpinnings of Approaches to Development Communication
Going through various perspectives in terms of theory, research, policy making and implementation, the contributions identify the key characteristics that define ComDev.

III. Communication Policies, Strategies and Exemplars
Various agencies have applied development communication with different policy bases, models and terminologies. Among the cases analyzed is FAO’s ComDev Group.

IV. More Complexity and Specificity Added
The last papers analyze the impact of new information technologies on community development, the role and place of the often overlooked community media, and the role of the mass media in conflicts.