Audience Research in Media Development

Forum Media and Development will hold a symposium on Audience Research in Media Development: Is it Fo(r)ME? on November 5-7, 2014 in Gustav-Stresemann-Institut, Bonn, Germany. The FoME symposium presents and discusses examples where audience research has been used to enhance the performance of media houses and development programmes, and it aims to stimulate the debate on how audience research capacities in developing countries can be strengthened. 

The symposium will be organised around four angles: 

  1. Audience Research & Media Development discusses the role for international media assistance in audience research and provides insights into real-world examples, where audience research has become an integral part of media programming.
  2. Audience Research under Difficult Conditions presents experiences from war-torn countries and other areas, where conditions are challenging for political or logistic reasons.
  3. Defining and Segmenting Audiences will look at a number of different approaches to understanding audiences, including approaches such as value-based segmentation and media user typologies.
  4. Strengthening Audience Research Capacities will be about establishing national research standards and institutions, and helping local media to develop their ability to carry out or analyse research themselves.

The German “Forum Media and Development” (Forum Medien und Entwicklung) is a network of institutions and individuals active in the field of media development cooperation. It serves as the German platform for the exchange of experiences, research and further elaboration of concepts.

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