Ohio ComDev Master celebrates its 25th anniversary

The Communication and Development Studies MA program at Ohio University completed its 25th year and will celebrate this occasion with a day-long event on Friday, October 26th. During the day papers, panels, and related proposals focusing on the theme of development communication (i.e., communication for development, C4D, media for social change) will be presented.

The agenda includes panels reflecting the diversity of the career paths of the Master alumni, and an interactive session where students and alumni will share information about their own work. A keynote speech will be given by Carolyn Davis, who graduated from the ComDev program in 1998, and is currently on the editorial board of The Philadelphia Inquirer. Here she writes her weekly “Without Borders” column, often about ComDev related issues.

The ComDev celebration will segue into the Global Fusion 2012 – a Global Media and Communication Conference, hosted by The School of Media Arts & Studies, Scripps College of Communication, and the Center for International Studies at Ohio University in Athens. The purpose of the Global Fusion Conference series is to promote academic excellence in global media and international communication studies. The conference, which is now in its 10th year, will be held on October 26-28, 2012.

For more information about the event visit Ohio ComDev program webpage or contact the Program Director, Dr. Lawrence Wood at WoodL@Ohio.edu.

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