Empowerment Radio – online training


empoweradioA 7-week online digital course on community radio for empowerment will begin on Wednesday, October 17, 2012. It is aimed at professionals  and university students who are involved in community radio projects.

The course builds on the book: “Empowerment Radio – Voices building a community” by Birgitte Jallov, author of ‘Empowerment Radio’ and initiator of Empowerhouse. Seven (7) training modules with specific sets of learning points will be used for the course. The modules operate in English only and may be downloaded at the participant’s convenience.

The first online course on ‘How to turn voices into community change’ provides knowledge and practical hands on directions and tools for action.

Interested participants may register and pay USD 875 before October 10. Early registration is USD 750 before September 21.

For more information, contact Birgitte Jallov at mail@empowerhouse.dk

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