Webinars on participatory video for social change


A series of online workshops on Participatory Video (PV) will occur from May 2014 to January 2015, organized by Open University (UK), InsightShare, Web Gathering and Open Cinema. 

The events encourage the participation of researchers, activists and development workers to explore avenues for improving collective practice in PV for social change. The aim is to enrich networks and build greater quality, ethical practice and effective training in PV.

In these sessions, the PV methodology will be discussed in the context of the following research areas:

  • natural resource management
  • climate change
  • community development
  • education, health and social services
  • mobile technologies
  • gender and social justice

In case you are interested in the webinars and want to get involved, share your details here for further notifications on registration and participation.

For more information please look at the Better PV Practice blog or contact directly betterpvpractice@insightshare.org

Participatory Video is a set of techniques to involve a group or community in shaping and creating their own film, making video easy and accessible and bringing people together to explore issues, voice concerns or simply to be creative and tell stories. This process enables a group or community to take collective action to effectively address issues that are important to them and to communicate their ideas to decision-makers and/or other groups and communities.


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