Top Mobile Apps For Farmers In Africa

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Top Mobile Apps For Farmers In Africa

Unfortunately and for a number of reasons, agriculture has been a topic that many of today’s youth in Africa have completely lost interest in. Farmers and the general agriculture community should look for clever ways to change things. One solution would be to keep up with the freshest technology trends, apps, and software that could fill in the significant information gap that currently exists between people who live in rural areas and the officials responsible for rural development policies.

Why Do You Need Mobile Apps As A New Farmer?

Most of these apps are excellent at providing you with fresh updates concerning weather predictions which are essential when it comes to all things related to the agricultural field, as well as at displaying interesting market prices and recent laws and policies issued by the government of the country and a lot more. If you are passionate about getting the freshest information on the latest developments and happenings in the industry, there are specialized apps that you can install on your phone and use daily, just like you would access the best real money casino apps at Australia Casino to play your favorite games on the go.

Many of these apps can also be used to watch videos on the latest advanced technologies that can be used in the field, to improve your productivity, make some important changes regarding your watering techniques or try some different schemes that could bring you greater profits. It is also possible to come across apps for Android and other types of operating systems that allow you to ask questions and express your concerns while speaking to experts in the field so you can get the most relevant and up-to-date answers and suggestions possible. You could quickly get the answers you are seeking and solve a minor problem that had been preventing you from doing your work lately.

Top Apps For New and Seasoned Farmers 

Let us take a look at a few of the most successful of these apps and learn what they are capable of. The AgriApp is by far one of the most prestigious and sought after app that lots of farmers around the world make use of today. The app is an online farming marketplace that introduces users to the most important ins and outs of the industry, as well as the option to get in touch with other farmers like you or farming experts using their chat service. Watch the numerous videos mobile on how to perform various agriculture tasks if you are a newbie or you simply wish to get better acquainted with what it means to be a farmer. With 0.1 million people having downloaded this app so far it is safe to say that the app is a good choice for lots of farmers of all levels of expertise.

Iffco Kisan is another excellent app that is meant for Android users that will help you easily use all of its functions thanks to the cool user interface. Get the latest information, tips, and advice related to the type of farming you are interested in, as well as the latest prices and reliable and updated weather forecasts. With around 50k downloads, this app is another app worth your attention if you are just getting started or you need some extra guidance along the way.

Agri Media Video offers lots of valuable advice in the form of video images. Expect lots of news on in the farming retail field, as well as a well- developed chat service that will allow you to find answers to some important questions concerning your infected crops by uploading relevant images of them. You will have farming experts talk through these issues and be allowed to learn successful farmer stories that should further motivate you and engage you in more farming tasks.

Other similar apps will allow you to learn more about the intriguing topic of fertile agriculture while offering detailed information on every life cycle of your crops. Farmers can take their pick from a rich array of hundreds of 450 crop varieties, thousands of different farmers’ markets as well as thousands of weather locations and expect updated weather forecasts based on their real-time location information. Get the latest and most efficient agriculture government schemes and save precious energy and time on doing your own research. Reap the benefits at the right time and thank yourself for deciding to opt for one or several of these farmers’ apps.

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