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Professional study incorporates Comdev in its curriculum

CSTtrainingCommunication for Development (ComDev) constitutes one of the modules for the 1.5 - year off-campus degree on Professional Masters in Tropical Marine Ecosystem Management (TMEM) in the Philippines. Under the course TMEM 211, the subject introduces students to Comdev as being constitutive of the job of any marine protected area manager. The subject covers strategic ComDev planning for TMEM where students are taught how to develop communication plan aimed at addressing selected issues confronting their marine resources.     

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Enabling community participation in land governance in Guatemala

DevolucinVideoSanIsidro Cecode

Participatory communication is a powerful means to enable the informed and active engagement of individuals and groups in decisions that affect their life. This is the case also with land tenure, and is the focus of a FAO Communication for Development initiative to support the recognition and responsible governance of communal land in Guatemala. 

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Mobile phones and the rural poor: gender perspectives from Asia

Use of mobile phones by the rural poor gender perspectives in South Asian countries

Mobile phones have contributed in various ways to rural development, from reducing information asymmetry, improving functional networks, to increasing access to services and finance. Yet a digital gender divide exists.

The study examines gender perspectives on the use of mobile phones by the rural poor by identifying their information needs using gender-disaggregated statistics gathered from developing economies in South and South East Asia. 

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