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Documenting and sharing farmers' practices in Bolivia

BoliviaMCCAs part of the Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI), FAO and the National Institute for Innovation in Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry (INIAF) of Bolivia carried out participatory communication appraisals and consultative processes with farmer organizations, small-scale producers, local governments, NGOs and community media in order to identify local needs in terms of agricultural information.

As a result, they developed four Knowledge and Communication Modules (Modulos de Conocimiento y Comunicación) following the ComDev principles

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Communication for Social Change Award 2014

The Communication for Social Change Award was established in 2006 to recognize significant contributions made by individuals’ practitioners and organisations to empower marginalized communities. The award is administered by the Centre for Communication and Social Change (CfCSC) at the School of Journalism and Communication, University of Queensland, Brisbane. This year's winners are

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This is not a video camera: Chris Lunch at TEDx

Chris Lunch is a participatory video specialist and enthusiast, a modern day alchemist in the field of international development. He believes in the power of combining technology with participation to shift awareness, galvanise communities and unleash hidden energy for positive individual and collective change. 

"This is not a video camera" features the the topsy turvy world of participatory video - where the subjects of a film become the directors; where passive recipients of aid become active changemakers; and where the social enterprise he co-founded, InsightShare, has chosen: 'Make mistakes', 'Lose control' and 'Have fun', as its core values. 

This is a TEDx event, where TEDTalks video and live speakers combine to spark deep discussion and connection in a small group. This event is one of the local, self-organized events which are branded TEDx, where x = independently organized TED event. 

To watch the video, go to


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UNICEF's Ureport: driving mobile participation among Ugandans

"Development is too often a top down process, with communities neither consulted nor empowered with information to enact change at the local level. As a result, accountability is weak, precious donor funding is not maximised, and communities lack ownership of key public goods." 

UNICEF Innovation

Concerned by the issue of untapped feedback from communities and particularly the youth, UNICEF has developed a free mobile communication system for youth in Uganda to share local information and their own opinions on public and grassroots problems. 

The Ureport SMS platform is a user-centred social monitoring too

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iCow: the agricultural platform for Kenyan dairy farmers


iCow is an agricultural platform that provides information services for farmers accessible via mobile phones: dairy farmers will be able to keep tabs on their cows and enjoy tips on best practice. 

The iCow platform has a series of dairy agri-products available over a menu system. Farmers dial a short code, *285#, and access a menu that guides them on how to subscribe to the various products.

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