Marquise Blair Jersey  International Year of the Pulses wraps up

International Year of the Pulses wraps up

pulsesglassThe International Year of the Pulses celebrated last 2016 was beneficial to farmers' livelihoods and have a postive impact on the environment. Although dried beans, lentils, and peas have been around for centuries, they will play a fundamental role in our sustainable future.

Even though #IYP2016 ended, there is still much more to be done to promote the benefits of these nutritious seeds. Below are the facts about Pulses that we should let others know about:

  1. Pulses are highly nutritious
  2. Pulses are economically accessible and contribute to food security at all levels
  3. Pulses have important health benefits
  4. Pulses contribute to climate change mitigation and adaptation
  5. Pulses promote biodiversity 

To know more about these facts, click here.

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