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Oregon State University

Country : USA
Description : 

Oregon State is a leading research university located in one of the safest, smartest, greenest small cities in the nation. 

Capacity Development: Offers communications and instructional technology training opportunities in whatever format works for the participant – in person, online, live, or at-his/her-own-pace. Media training for Extension leaders, Working with local news media, and Video production – advanced camera techniques and editing among others.


Extension & Experiment Station Communications
422 Kerr Administration Building
Corvallis, Oregon 97331-2119
Phone: (541) 737-3311
Fax: (541) 737-0817


Xavier University McKeough Marine Cente

(Research institutions)
Country : Philippines
Phone : 63-9209034189
@ Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Site :  http://www.xu.edu.ph
Description : 

The McKeough Marine Center functions as the research and social development arm of the Xavier University, focusing on the coastal and marine environment in Northern Mindanao.The center is engaged in various projects such as: Upscaling Community Initiatives Towards Sustainable Integrated Area Development; Sustainable Integrated Farming System for Upland Farmers; Community Organizing for AMORE Communities; Sustainable Conservation and Resource Enhancement. 

Capacity development initiatives: the Centre has developed training modules on Participatory Organizational and Project Management for Social Development Leaders; Sustainable Agriculture with Focus on Food Security, Farming Technologies and Community-Based Resource Management; Project Monitoring and Evaluation and Process Documentation; and Development Action Plan.


Corrales Avenue, Cagayan de Oro City, 9000 Philippines
Tel: +63(8822) 72-3116
Fax: +63(8822) 72-3116 2029


University of Miami School of Communication

Address : P.O. Box 248127 Coral Gables, FL 33124-2105
Country : USA
Phone : 305-284-2265
Fax : 305-284-3648
@ Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Description : 

images/university_of_miami_school_of_comm.jpgThe University of Miami School of Communication is well-established, founded in the fundamental values of freedom of speech, press and belief, and is dedicated to a “hands-on/early-on” learning experience within a globally diverse context.

PhD in Research and Action for Positive Change

The doctoral program in the School of Communication prepares for careers in higher education, non-profits and business. You may choose from health, environmental, international, intercultural, and organizational communication as well as from journalism studies and media development.  

You will engage with communication theory, research, and practice using public relations and journalism, with particular attention to new and social media for social and behavioral change. This will be your niche: conducting research, engaging in immersive experience, and translating these into evaluation-based practice for the well being of community, society and the world. 

The School's Knight Center for International Media, whose mission is communication for positive change in global and local communities, will be your research hub. 


Office of Graduate Studies
Phone: (305) 284-5236
Fax: (305) 284-8701


Southeast Asian Regional Center for Graduate Study and Research in Agriculture (SEARCA)

(Research institutions)
Country : Philippines
@ Email : This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
Web Site :  www.searca.org
Description : 

SEARCA is engaged in Information, Education and Communication endeavors and projects in partnership with national and international agencies. SEARCA's learning events equip Southeast Asian agriculture, rural development and environmental leaders, academicians, researchers, and practitioners with technical and managerial competencies toward enhancing the impact of their respective organizations.

Capacity Building: SEARCA is involved in scholarly research and facilitation of learning events such as trainings and symposia.Offers short-term training to Southeast Asian nationals who qualify for acceptance to a training course

searcaContacts: SEARCA, UP Los Baños campus, Laguna Philippines
Phone: (63-49) 536-2287, 536-2365, 536-2290

Dr. Maria Celeste H. Cadiz
Manager, Knowledge Management Department
Phone: (63-49) 536-2365 to 67 local 173
Email: mchc_at_agri.searca.org

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