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Pontificia Universitá Gregoriana

Country : Italy
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The Interdisciplinary Center for Social Communication (CICS) at the Pontifical Gregorian University in Rome since 2007 organizes courses and seminars on-line. This educational project linked to new technologies of distance education we have called CICS ON-LINE.

Course title: Online Seminar on Communication for Development (in Spanish)

Communication for Development seeks individuals and communities to take ownership of both messages, and the means (in terms of content and process). Therefore, it is a communication process that empowers the community, which seeks to give voice to the unheard, that is "many-to-many" and that puts the emphasis on local content and themes.

The course proposes the study and practice of Communication for Development based on the "development axes" and the concept of sustainable development, it aimed at the enhancement factor in communication and policy projects.


Contacts: R. P. Savarimuthu Augustine, S.J.
Director of the Interdisciplinary Center for Social Communication (CICS)
Advisor to the Pontifical Council for Social Communications

Ary Waldir Ramos Díaz, Distance Learning Coordinator

Piazza della Pilotta, 4
00187 Rome (Italy)
Tel. +39 06 6701 1 (operator)
Fax +39 06 6701 5419
Italian Tx Code 80093970582

Communications Office

Responsible: Dr. Paolo Pegoraro
Central Building - L203
tel. +39 06 6701 5634 - cell: +39 342 540 18 98
From Monday to Friday by appointment


Wageningen University

Country : Netherlands
Phone : +31 317 480 100
Phone : +31 317 484 884
Fax : +31 317 484 884
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Wageningen University is one of the leading international universities in the field of life sciences, healthy food and living environments.

Course title: MSc in Applied Communication Science

Description: The MSc programme allows students to learn to integrate communication science with problem solving and innovation in the domain of the life sciences. The programme offers insights in how and why diverging viewpoints come about and are maintained in communicative interaction, and also in how communication may serve to build bridges between different interpretative communities.  Students become acquainted with a wide range of roles for communication professionals, including process management, knowledge brokerage, demand articulation, mediation, persuasion and the facilitation of interdisciplinary communication and collaboration.


Contacts: Marleen van Maanen-Nooij, Study Advisor
Tel: +31 (0)317-48 27 72

Building 'Leeuwenborch', room 0118
Hollandseweg 1, 6706 KN Wageningen
The Netherlands


Manipal University

Country : India
Phone : 91 820 2571978
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Description : 

Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) of the Manipal University tries to embody the spirit of democratic egalitarianism in education. The communication education in the Institute covers journalism (print, radio, television and new media), film studies, public relations, advertising, corporate communication along with many other related subjects. The students are given education - both in the skills of communication and its philosophy.

Courses: MA Communication, Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Communication

Description: The post-graduate programme introduces students to all streams of communication in the first two semesters and facilitates them to specialize later in print and new media or broadcasting or communication management

Contacts: Prof. Varadesh Hiregange, Director
Manipal Institute of Communication
Press Corner Manipal – 576 104 (Karnataka) 
Phone: +91-0820-2571901/ 03 
Fax: +91-0820-2571902 


Universidad Santo Tomas

Country : Colombia
Description : 

The University of Santo Tomas offers a postgraduate program in Communication for Develompent through the Faculty of Communication at the Division of Social Sciences.

Course title: Master of Communication, Development and Social Change (in Spanish)

Description: The course addresses communication as a field of transformation of social realities in search of welfare, dignity and peaceful coexistence within the framework of human rights, based on the concept of social change. It also assumes two-way communication as dialogical development and the possibility of self-definition and self-determination of peoples, seeking to strengthen citizenship and democracy, to transform realities with high levels of social inequality.


Sede Principal, Carrera 9 No. 51 - 11 PBX: 587 87 97

Edificio Dr. Angélico,  Carrera 9 No. 72 - 90

Sede de Lourdes,  Carrera 9A No. 63 - 28

Admisiones, Carrera 7 No. 51 A 13

Vicerrectoría General de Universidad Abierta y a Distancia, Carrera 10 No. 72 - 50 Bogotá, (Colombia)

Campus San Alberto Magno, Autopista Norte, Av. los Arrayanes Km. 1.6
Todos los derechos reservados.


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