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images/ms_tcdc.jpgMS-TCDC is a Training Centre for Development Cooperation in Eastern and Southern Africa. The Centre is situated close to Arusha in Northern Tanzania (East Africa). Throughout the year different courses and workshops run concurrently in a lively international atmosphere promoting sharing of experience and cross cultural discussions. Excellent facilities together with a quiet and pleasant atmosphere make it an ideal place for reflection and learning.

Short course: Development Communication

Participants will have developed skills to design strategies and approaches for effective communication. They will also interrogate the way social change is articulated in projects, from the assumptions that are made about the problem and the solutions therein.

Course Objectives: The main objective of the course to enable participants to acquire skills and knowledge on how to effectively communicate for social change. They will also appreciate development communication as a process of strategic intervention that encompasses participatory and intentional strategies designed to benefit the public good.


Course Content:
• Interpersonal communication for development
• Participatory communication in development
• Media advocacy and communication technology
• Communication strategies for empowerment
• Participatory action research
• Communication and social change in programs
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