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UPLB Devcom students take FAO e-learning course

To further enhance their knowledge and skills in the design, development, implementation, and evaluation of distance learning systems for various stakeholders, senior BS Development Communication (BSDC) students of the University of the Philippines Los Baños participated in the FAO e-learning course on Communication for Rural Development. As part of the requirements in their DEVC 145 course (Distance Learning Systems in Development) for Academic Year 2017-2018, BSDC students are expected to

E-learning course on Communication for Rural Development

The e-learning Course on Communication for Rural Development aims to guide users in designing and implementing communication strategies for agricultural and rural development initiatives, combining participatory methods with communication processes, media and tools, ranging from community media to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), best suited for a specific context. The e-learning course is based on the Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook published in 2014 by FAO and the College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los

FCCM report: Rural Communication Services for Family Farming

The Final Report of the Forum on Communication for Development and Community Media for Family Farming (FCCM) is now available under the title: Rural Communication Services for Family Farming: Contributions, Evidence and Perspectives. Organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), the Forum was convened from 23-24 October 2014 in the FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy.

FAO launches e-learning course on Communication for Rural Development

FAO is pleased to announce the launch of its e-learning course on Communication for Rural Development! By promoting training in ComDev, FAO hopes to continue building capacity in the use of participatory approaches to address the knowledge and information needs of rural stakeholders and to facilitate their active involvement in development initiatives.   Communication for Development (ComDev) has proven to be a key element in improving the effectiveness and sustainability of development

Evaluating communication for sustainable development at IAMCR 2016 Conference

The 2016 Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) will be held from July 27-31 in Leicester, United Kingdom. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester and the theme for this year is Memory, Commemoration and Communication: Looking Back, Looking Forward. The Conference provides the opportunity to present papers on a wide range of areas of study in media

XIII UN Inter-Agency Roundtable on ComDev

With the purpose of upholding the fundamental role of ComDev in fostering dialogue, ownership and the active participation of stakeholders in development programmes, FAO is hosting from 16- 18 September 2014 the XIII UN Inter-Agency Roundtable on Communication for Development under the title: “Mainstreaming Communication for Development in Policies and Programmes. Enabling social inclusion to support food and nutrition security, resilient livelihoods and family farming.” 

Exploring the role of ComDev in Latin America

A two-day conference on Media & Governance in Latin America will take place on 13–14 May 2014 to explore the role of communication in governance and development, focusing on Latin America. The event is hosted jointly by the University of Sheffield’s Department of Journalism Studies, Department of Hispanic Studies and Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID). From the organizer’s website: “Latin America is changing. Nations are witnessing a resurgence in civil society, participation and protest. Media policy is a hot

Mera Karachi Mobile Cinema: promoting citizen engagement in Pakistan

Video is a powerful Communication for Development tool to inform, educate and entertain, as it attracts people’s curiosity, overcomes illiteracy barriers and fits with the narrative culture prevailing in most developing contexts. Thanks to technical innovation it is now becoming more accessible and increasing numbers of people are producing their own materials (find out more about Video in Development).

-test ComDev pioneer Nora Quebral awarded honorary doctorate

On December 14 2011, the London School of Economics and Political Science (LSE) awarded Professor Nora Cruz Quebral a honorary doctorate for her “pioneering and continued contribution to the field of development communication”. Professor Cruz-Quebral was the founder and is professor emeritus of the College of Development Communication at the Unviersity of the Philippines Los Baños, Asia’s first faculty for the field. She has worked as consultant with FAO, UNICEF,