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E-learning course on Communication for Rural Development

The e-learning Course on Communication for Rural Development aims to guide users in designing and implementing communication strategies for agricultural and rural development initiatives, combining participatory methods with communication processes, media and tools, ranging from community media to Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs), best suited for a specific context. The e-learning course is based on the Communication for Rural Development Sourcebook published in 2014 by FAO and the College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los

FCCM report: Rural Communication Services for Family Farming

The Final Report of the Forum on Communication for Development and Community Media for Family Farming (FCCM) is now available under the title: Rural Communication Services for Family Farming: Contributions, Evidence and Perspectives. Organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), in collaboration with the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), the Forum was convened from 23-24 October 2014 in the FAO Headquarters in Rome, Italy.

FAO launches e-learning course on Communication for Rural Development

FAO is pleased to announce the launch of its e-learning course on Communication for Rural Development! By promoting training in ComDev, FAO hopes to continue building capacity in the use of participatory approaches to address the knowledge and information needs of rural stakeholders and to facilitate their active involvement in development initiatives.   Communication for Development (ComDev) has proven to be a key element in improving the effectiveness and sustainability of development

Countries agree to use Internet and ICTs in the implementation of new Sustainable Development Agenda

Information and Communication Technologies are essential for achieving 2030 Sustainable Development through commitment to the vision of the World Summit on the Information Society. On 16th December, countries reaffirmed their commitment to utilizing Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) as an essential tool for achieving the new Sustainable Development Goals at a high-level meeting of the UN General Assembly. The General Assembly adopted the outcome document on the overall review of the implementation of

Generating sustainable rural development through communication and community media

The Forum on Communication for Development & Community Media for Sustainable Rural Development was held in Accra, Ghana on 13th August 2015 as part of the 11th International Conference of the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC). The Forum was attended by representatives of community radio broadcasters, farmer organizations and development institutions from nearly 50 different countries.  The objectives of the Forum were to:• Share experiences about the role and contribution of ComDev and community

Why celebrate World Water Day?

World Water Day on 22 March every year is a day to celebrate water–a day when members of the global population who suffer from water related issues make a difference; and a day to prepare for how we manage water in the future because we all need water.  This 2015, the theme is Water and Sustainable Development.

Cambodian AgriNatura Research Workshop

The Agricultural Development and Natural Resource Government Research Interest Groups are pleased to announce the Cambodian AgriNatura Research Workshop on: Integrated Agriculture and Natural Resource Management for Sustainable Development to be held at the Royal University of Agriculture, Cambodia, 4 January 2013. The main objectives of this research workshop are to: – Provide a venue for active researchers, empirical scientists, social scientists, academists, and policy experts in the field of

Agricultural Communication and Sustainable Rural Development: International Symposium

The International Symposium Agricultural Communication and Sustainable Rural Development will be held on November 22-24, 2012 in Pantnagar, India. With the theme, “From Information to Knowledge to Wisdom – Envisioning a Food Sovereign World in the Third Millennium”, the symposium is organised by the Directorate of Communication of GB Pant University of Agriculture and Technology in India. The symposium will focus on the following themes: 1. Agricultural Communication vis-à-vis Indian agriculture: