Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa (Bloomberg Philanthropies)

The Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa is a pan-African program to build media capacity, convene international leaders and improve access to information in order to advance transparency, accountability and governance on the continent. The initial focus of the commitment will be on Kenya, Nigeria and South Africa.
The initiative will provide cross disciplinary education programs and mid-career fellowships to increase the number of highly-trained business and financial journalists, convene pan-African forums to examine worldwide media best practices and support research to stimulate media innovations, growth and sustainability, and seeks opportunities to support the growing community media sector supported by nongovernment organizations and citizen journalists in Africa’s rural and remote communities.

Erana Stennett, Heads Bloomberg Media Initiative Africa
Michael R. Bloomberg, Co-founder of Bloomberg LP

U.S. Headquarter: 731 Lexington Ave, New York City, New York, 10022, United States

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