Will Eating Green, Vegetarian and Vegan Really Save the World?

Eating green is one of the most championed ways of saving the planet. After all, if we don’t consume as mauch meat, we all stand to benefit from quite a few upsides and one of those distinct upsides is the fact that food shortage wouldn’t be as much of an issue. We ought to ask ourselves if that’s is true. There are many surveys to suggest that this is true.

Top Mobile Apps For Farmers In Africa

Top Mobile Apps For Farmers In Africa Unfortunately and for a number of reasons, agriculture has been a topic that many of today’s youth in Africa have completely lost interest in. Farmers and the general agriculture community should look for clever ways to change things. One solution would be to keep up with the freshest technology trends, apps, and software that could fill in the significant information gap that currently

“Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return”

“Voice and Matter is an outstanding collection that will reinstate the centrality and urgency of Communication for Development as an area of research and a field of practice. Edited by Ørecomm co-directors Thomas Tufte and Oscar Hemer, the book highlightsvast expertise in the field of ComDev through multi­disciplinary approach, methodological and ­theoretical ­advances, and inclusion of contributions from diverse world regions (i.e. Latin American schools of participatory communication and recent

Apps That Can Help Producers Grasp Fresh Information Easier

One of the main problems related to the education of local communities in regards to the complex agricultural industry refers to the lack of appropriate means of communicating all the existing information. In other words, not enough modern-day communication channels and means of information are used at their maximum potential. When it comes to young people who could be encouraged to embrace different forms of agriculture and farming and bring

How to Build Your Own Cheap Motorcycle with Custom Parts

There is something very exciting about the building of a custom motorcycle that is able to get people very excited ever since the bikes went into common usage. The options that are available for this type of thing make it possible for bike lovers to make bikes that are extremely unique and personal. This allows for people to believe that building a bike is something that has to be extremely expensive. That

6 Tips To Change Yourself For The Better In 2020

Life is unpredictable. Either you want to accept this big truth or not, there’s no way to predict events in life. You can try to plan your future projects, but you’ll get to know what life has for you only by living your life. This aspect of life can be found in so many other circumstances, as well. Have you ever tried to place a bet on this fun online game

3 Basic Rules To Start Your Farm From Little Or Nothing

It might sound like an old-fashioned idea, but becoming a farmer is not only a profitable business project but it offers also the opportunity to live a healthy lifestyle. Growing food for yourself and the local community requires intellectual skills, deep knowledge of the soil and farming techniques and a lot of passion. You must love what you do and that’s the best rule of thumb that we can give

Sustainable Rice Farming – Not So Eco Unless Done Well

Rice is one of the tastiest staples out there. To anyone who can cook rice well enough, the possibilities to satisfy your palette and gut are quite countless. You can mix rice with nearly anything out there and still get very tasty, succulent results. From spinach and camembert cheese with rice and tuna to mushroom and vegetable rice, there seems to be a world of inexhaustible opportunities. But because rice

Getting New Racing Parts

There are many different racing parts you can purchase for your cars or motorcycles before big events. When it comes to hard tails you can modify the suspension and change it for metal bars or you can meld them on. A “weld on hard tail” is not a common term except among the hard core chopper fans. If you want to change the dimension of your bike without having to change the

Why Good Farming Matters So Much

Today, we take our food for granted, and that is one of our biggest mistakes. It turns out, food production is highly depreciated. The people who still choose to do a lot of the work themselves find it difficult to make a living. While we enjoy a good meal, there has been a disproportionate emphasis put on things such as food markets and even restaurants. Having a single point of