Case studies

ICT for Rural Economic Development: 5 years of Learning

[2012] Rural economic development has been a priority within IICD’s strategy since IICD was first established 15 years ago. During the past five years, 35 projects have been supported in nine countries as part of IICD’s overarching programme to promote socio-economic development through increased ICT access and use. This publication gives an overview of the lessons learned and examples of IICD‘s work in ICT for rural economic development. Individuals, families, communities,

Community Radio and Multimedia Center in a Rural Area - Burkina Faso

[2010] The document intends to pass on the lessons learned from the project Pag The Yiri, supported by IICD in Burkina Faso. It is intended for all stakeholders in the field of agriculture as well as rural development institutions implementing similar activities who want to learn from the experience of this project. This report is only available in French.

Wave Power: Radio and the MDGs

[2010] This paper by PANOS London showcases four community radio projects helping to tackle the Millennium Development Goals in developing countries. The case studies – in India, Malawi, the Caribbean and Nepal – demonstrate how communication at the grassroots level is so important, not only empowering the people most affected, but enabling them to become advocates for change in their own communities. See in particular case 2 on Mwana Alirenji, a

CSDI Communication Assessment and Action Plan for the Caribbean Region

[2012] This paper is the result of an evaluation carried out in 2009 to review the needs and priorities in communication for natural resources management and climate change adaptation in agriculture for the Caribbean. The study guided the development of an action plan forCommunication for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI) implementation within the region. Most Caribbean economies depend largely on agriculture, fisheries, and tourism which are all industries inextricably affected by climate

When Does Information Change Lives? An evaluation of community radio development in South Sudan

[2012] This paper examines the question, “Does information change lives?” by looking at the role of five small FM radio stations, launched and managed by Internews, operating in a vast territory that includes what is now South Sudan and the regions known as the Three Areas. The stations were established during the Comprehensive Peace Agreement (CPA) that ended Africa’s longest-running civil war in 2005 and led to the establishment of

Spider Stories 2012

[2013] This publication gives an overview of results from ICT4D projects initiated in 2011-2012 by the Swedish Program for ICT in Developing Regions (Spider) in Cambodia, Kenya, Rwanda, Tanzania and Uganda. In partnership with local organizations, Spider supported ICT4D projects in democracy, education and health, and crosscutting themes such as Free and Open Source Software, mobiles for development (M4D), cultural creativity and youth empowerment. The projects made creative uses of

Ann Kite Yo Pale. Communication with Disaster Affected Communities Haiti 2010

[2011] This report captures practical case studies and best practice in communication with affected communities during the humanitarian response in Haiti. The 7.0 magnitude earthquake was unfortunately not the only emergency to strike Haiti in 2010, as the outbreak of cholera brought a new, highly infectious and deadly disease to a country with weak sanitation and health systems. The response of communication actors was essential to the survival of potentially

Community Radio for Social Change India

[2014] This compendium of Community Radio in India is published by the Ministry of Information & Broadcasting and One World Foundation India. It provides a full directory and individual profiles of the over 160 operational stations across the country, housed in a variety of community-based organisations, NGOs, educational and agricultural institutions. Since 2006 the Community Radio Policy has made the community radio movement grow stronger in India, backed by a proactive engagement of the

ICT4D Effects: Youth, ICTs and Agriculture

[2013] This IICD publication is informed by the findings from recent research focused on three projects under the Connect4Change (C4C) Economic Development programme. The projects were located in western Kenya and focused on enhancing agricultural productivity and access to markets. The research investigated the linkages between the introduction and use of ICT in farming, and the interest of youth in farming and value chain development.