Knowledge and Communication Module on Pasture Management – Participant’s Booklet

Knowledge and Communication Module on Pasture Management - Participant's Booklet

The Knowledge and Communication Module (Modulo de Conocimiento y Comunicación) on PASTURE MANAGEMENT FOR DAIRY FARMING was developed with the participation of local producers and technicians in Yapacaní, Department of Santa Cruz, as part of the Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI), supported by FAO and the National Institute for Innovation in Agriculture, Livestock and Forestry (INIAF) of Bolivia. The module documents local agricultural practices in various formats such as videos, audio tracks, booklets, flipcharts, leaflets and posters. 

This Participant’s Booklet guides producers through the training and stays with them as a permanent reference of what they learned from the audiovisual materials. It helps them exchange knowledge and addresses the issues related to lack of information when it comes to milk production, livestock management and family farming.

(Spanish Version Only)