E-Learning Centre: End child labour in agriculture

E-Learning Centre: End child labour in agriculture

FAO is inviting everyone to take part in this eLearning course that aims to raise awareness and build knowledge among agricultural stakeholders about the importance of addressing child labour in various fields of agricultre. Its objectives are to build specific skills depending on work-related responsibilties and tasks and/or interests, by providing concrete ideas and guidance that can be applied in real life agricultural policy and programming situations.

This course is tailor-fitted to the following:

  •  Agricultural policy-makers and advisors
  • Agricultural programme designers and implementers
  • Agricultural researchers
  • Agricultural statisticians

It consists of 15 lessons, ranging from 30 to 65 minutes duration, grouped into seven units. Moreover, it has a final assessment test wherein successful completion of the test will allow you to print a certificate of completion.

The course is available online and may also be available for download and CD-Rom order. To know more about the course and to register, click here.

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