Engaging the Youth in Agriculture Through Digital Innovations

Engaging the Youth in Agriculture Through Digital Innovations

Many studies have noted the decreasing interest of the youth in agriculture. However, digital technologies can facilitate youth engagement in the sector to address unemployment and food insecurity.

FAO (2018) identified drones and various applications as innovations that can revolutionize agriculture. Drones are able to collect real-time and in-depth data on food and agricultural challenges. On the other hand, applications have facilitated the reporting and management of pests on farms such as the Fall Armyworm Monitoring and Early Warning System (FAMEWS) App and the Nuru App, tools that track Fall Armyworm. Furthermore, the Abalobi App assists small-scale fishers in recording what they caught, when, where, using what method, and for how much they sold it. These information are useful in building their knowledge on fishing, thereby creating more resilient communities. Other applications are able to provide farmers with information on the following: weather (weather and crop calendar app), livestock care (cure and feed your livestock app), markets (AgriMarketplace), and nutrition (e-Nutrifood).

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Photo credit: FAO/Alioune Ndiaye

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