XIII UN Inter-Agency Roundtable on ComDev


With the purpose of upholding the fundamental role of ComDev in fostering dialogue, ownership and the active participation of stakeholders in development programmes, FAO is hosting from 16- 18 September 2014 the XIII UN Inter-Agency Roundtable on Communication for Development under the title: “Mainstreaming Communication for Development in Policies and Programmes. Enabling social inclusion to support food and nutrition security, resilient livelihoods and family farming.” 

Today the Roundtable is definitely the main vehicle for advocating the added value of ComDev in development programming across the UN system.  The XIII UN Inter-Agency Round Table on Communication for Development will specifically focus on how communication can improve the quality of policy processes in Food and Nutrition Security, Family Farming and Resilient Rural Livelihoods through wider access to information, greater citizen-government interaction, public and private sector partnership and knowledge sharing.   

Main objectives

 ·        Discuss current initiatives and challenges at the global, regional and national level with regards to food and nutrition security, family farming and resilient rural livelihoods;

 ·        Advocate for ComDev integration into policies and programmes;

 ·        Explore concrete collaborative opportunities for replication and scale up, particularly in those countries where communication is rooted in the broader policy context with strong institutional backing

By achieving these goals, the XIII UNRT on ComDev aims to enhance and mainstream stakeholder participation in development programmes and to foster greater cooperation and collaboration between UN agencies.


The two 1/2 day meeting will be attended by approximately 60 people: Communication for Development specialists from UN Agencies and Funds including the World Bank, NGOs and CSOs, bi-lateral and multi-lateral donors, plus a number of invited participants from member countries, projects and civil-society organizations.

The concept note is available here

For additional information please contact: ComDev@fao.org 

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