ICA calls for submission of papers for its 2019 conference

ICA calls for submission of papers for its 2019 conference

The International Communication Association enjoins everyone to join the 2019 ICA conference with theme, “Communication Beyond Boundaries”. This aims for an understanding of the role of communication and media in the crossing of social, political and cultural boundaries that characterize contemporary society, and encourages research that crosses the boundaries of research domains, of particular fields of research interest, and of academia and the outside world. The conference will be held on 24-28 May 2019 at Washington, D.C., USA.

The themes for the said conference include:

  • the discursive work involved in thinking beyond binary boundaries in contemporary identity politics;
  • the role of social media in re-defining the boundaries between face and fake and between science and beliefs, affecting the politics of knowledge and the epistemology of science;
  • the place of communication technologies in AI and the Internet of Things, questioning what it means to be human; and
  • the growing recognition of the role of the brain as a window in to attitudinal and behavioral change and its repurcission for marketing as well as children’s well-being.

The deadline for all submissions must be completed online no later than 16:00 UTC, 1 November 2018. The conference submission website will go online around 1 September 2018. To reach the conference website go to the ICA homepage.

To know more about ICA 2019, click here.

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