The Global Alliance for Social and Behaviour Change: Building Informed and Engaged Societies

The Global Alliance for Social and Behaviour Change: Building Informed and Engaged Societies

The Global Alliance for Social and Behaviour Change is a coalition of diverse fields united by a common commitment to building informed and engaged societies. It recognizes that lasting change requires amplifying the voices of those most affected by development and empowering them with the knowledge to influence decisions and improve their lives. 

The Alliance was launched in 2018 and, to date, it has 20 members representing a wide spectrum of organizations, including UN agencies, international and national NGOs, academic institutions, and professional associations. These organizations use a variety of approaches related to social and behavior change, including communication for development, media for development, community engagement and participation, program communication, access to and freedom of information, entertainment education, social marketing, and other related strategies.

The Global Alliance is governed by a Chair and Secretariat, currently housed at UNICEF on an interim basis. It engages in political dialogue, coordination, advocacy, and evidence reviews to advance the scale and impact of social and behavioral change and works to advance the scale, quality, impact, and sustainability of these efforts.  

Each member of the Alliance contributes to one or more subcommittees to advance the Alliance’s priority work areas: Evidence for Impact, Policy Engagement, and Alliance Coordination and Management.

The Evidence Cluster of The Alliance is focused on compiling evidence from the Social and Behavior Change Communication (SBCC) field of work. On the other hand, the Policy Engagement Working Group advances the field of SBC by advocating for better funding, positioning, and recognition through engaging in high-level dialogue. Lastly, the Infrastructure Cluster works to drive the development and functioning of The Alliance through the development of organizational bylaws, new member onboarding, website development, and ethics. 

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