“Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return”

“Voice & Matter Communication, Development and the Cultural Return”

“Voice and Matter is an outstanding collection that will reinstate the centrality and urgency of Communication for Development as an area of research and a field of practice. Edited by Ørecomm co-directors Thomas Tufte and Oscar Hemer, the book highlightsvast expertise in the field of ComDev

through multi­disciplinary approach, methodological and ­theoretical ­advances, and inclusion of contributions from diverse world regions (i.e. Latin American schools of participatory communication and recent African Ubuntu-centric epistemologies, among others). Download your own copy here.

ØRECOMM is a bi-national centre that originated at Malmö University (MAH) and Roskilde University (RUC) for research in the field of Communication for Development. ØRECOMM focuses on the relations between media, communication and social change processes at both global and local levels.


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