Cycle of Exchanges: Rural Women and Cooperativism

Cycle of Exchanges: Rural Women and Cooperativism

The World Rural Forum (WRF) has recently concluded its webinar series on Rural Women and Cooperativism showcasing the experiences of women’s agricultural groups and cooperatives from Central and East Africa, Latin America and Asia.

The first webinar was held on 24 March 2022 with participants from Brazil, Democratic Republic of the Congo, and Vietnam while the second webinar was held on 26 April 2022 with participants from Madagascar, Nicaragua, and Tanzania. 

The series of virtual exchanges aimed “to promote the catalytic role of association and cooperativism in the economic empowerment and resilience building of rural women” by featuring the experiences and good practices of rural women’s cooperatives and associations. It is part of the project titled “Strengthening the capacities of farmers’ organisations to promote policy and legal frameworks for rural women’s economic empowerment and resilience through association and cooperativism, taking the opportunity of the implementation of the United Nations Decade for Family Farming 2019-2028 (UNDFF)“ funded by the Forest and Farm Facility (FFF).

Some of the organizations who shared their experiences are:

For more information about the webinar series, click here.

Photo source: World Rural Forum

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