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Online survey and discussion: ICTs and RCS for small-scale family farmers

familyfarmsurveyKariaNet network in collaboration with FAO Regional Initiative on Small-Scale Family Farming and the Communication for Development team launched an online survey and discussion involving specialists and practitioners from the Near East and North Africa (NENA) region, July 22- September 22.

Survey and discussion questions are posted on KariaNet Google Group. The first set of questions are focused on identifying main trends in the use of ICTs and rural communication services (RCS) in the region. Participants are asked to share experiences on the use of ICTs, community media, and other RCS in support of agriculture and rural development.

The second set of questions will be posted on KariaNet Google Group on July 29. These questions are focused on identifying a way forward to improve the use of ICTs and RCS in the NENA region - with the ultimate aim of supporting smallholder family farming.

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Uni of Reading hosts dialogue on Communication for Development

Communication for Development: Building knowledge, enhancing skills, engendering critical dialogueOn July 25, 2016, the School of Agriculture, Policy and Development of the University of Reading and the Participatory Communication Research Section of IAMCR, in association with Grupo Pértiga and the Walker Institute, will host a one-day event about communication for development with renowned international experts.Read more ...

Evaluating communication for sustainable development at IAMCR 2016 Conference

IAMCR 2016 logoThe 2016 Conference of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) will be held from July 27-31 in Leicester, United Kingdom. The conference will be hosted by the Department of Media and Communication at the University of Leicester and the theme for this year is Memory, Commemoration and Communication: Looking Back, Looking Forward.

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Mobile phones and the rural poor: gender perspectives from Asia

Use of mobile phones by the rural poor gender perspectives in South Asian countries

Mobile phones have contributed in various ways to rural development, from reducing information asymmetry, improving functional networks, to increasing access to services and finance. Yet a digital gender divide exists.

The study examines gender perspectives on the use of mobile phones by the rural poor by identifying their information needs using gender-disaggregated statistics gathered from developing economies in South and South East Asia. 

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Red de radios rurales de Argentina - Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos

INTAradios1Escrito por Cora Gornitzky (IPAF Región Pampeana – INTA Argentina)

De la Puna a la Patagonia y del mar a los Andes, "Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos" es una iniciativa de comunicación comunitaria que articula 19 radios rurales gestionadas por las organizaciones campesinas en entornos rurales y periurbanos de 12 provincias de la República Argentina. Una experiencia territorial que marca una puerta de acceso a derechos básicos como el hábitat, la tierra, el agua y la comercialización.Read more ...

Rural communication takes centre stage in the development agenda of Latin America

LAmediaWritten by the CCComDev team

A Regional Forum on Territorial Development, Innovation and Rural Communication took place in Brazil from 12-13 November. More than 100 participants from 15 Latin American countries came together to share experiences of rural communication and innovation and discuss the need for institutional frameworks. 

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PLATICAR: creating an agricultural knowledge system

Formacion de formadoresWritten by Laura Ramírez, INTA Costa Rica

PLATICAR is a knowledge ecosystem developed in Costa Rica with an ICT for agriculture approach, based on communication for development and knowledge management processes.

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Mapping community media in rural development

surveyarticleWritten by Simone Sala, FAO

In August 2014 a survey was launched as a global exercise to take stock of the work of AMARC’s affiliates, community media networks and communication practitioners engaged in communication for rural development.

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