Case studies

Case Studies in Collaborative Local Journalism

[2019] Published by the Reuters Institute for the Study of Journalism with the support of the Google News Initiative, authors Joy Jenkins and Lucas Graves discuss the challenges and potential of collaboration initiatives on local journalism. Three cases reflecting distinct models of collaboration in Europe were included in the report: Bureau Local (United Kingdom), ‘L’Italia Delle Slot‘ (Italy), and Lännen Media (Finland).

Communication for Agricultural Innovation in Bolivia. The challenge of institutionalization.

[2011] Sustainable agricultural innovation is a social learning process: it requires collective decisions and adaptive interactions, which gradually lead to change. Into an Agricultural Innovation System (AIS), based on dynamic networks and knowledge flows, communication plays a central role in facilitating stakeholders’ participation, negotiating between national priorities and local demands, enhancing institutional coordination and strengthening agricultural service provision. This study was carried out in the framework of the CSDI initiative and examines the

Good Practices in Development Communication

[2014] This report reviews and highlights some key issues in the current debate on development communication. To do so it draws on experiences and inputs from members of the  Informal Network of Development Assistance Committee (DAC) Development Communicators (DevCom). DevCom is a global network of directors of public affairs and senior communication staff of foreign/development ministries and official agencies, multilateral institutions, and regional development banks.

Delivering Climate Services for Farmers and Pastoralists Through Interactive Radio

[2015] A scoping study to assess demand, opportunities and potential for the use of interactive radio to deliver climate services at scale for farmers and pastoralists was conducted by CCAFS in partnership with Farm Radio International in Tanzania, and Farm Radio Trust in Malawi in late 2014. The study reveals that for both Malawi and Tanzania, there is clear demand for climate information services via radio and mobile phone. Both radio and

The Application of ICTs in Agricultural and Rural Development in Egypt

[2010] Participatory communication in development aims to facilitate the integration of interpersonal communication methods with conventional and new media channels, with the focus on encouraging all stakeholders to participate in the process. The growth of internet-based technologies has created new opportunities for facilitating participation and enhancing the ability of resource-poor communities to access information and support and to share experiences and knowledge. Drawing on the principles of participatory communication and

Communication pour le développement de la diffusion technologies agricoles et forestières Bas-Congo

[2010] Ce document a été produit dans le cadre du Projet Initiative de communication pour le développement durable (ICDD), un effort conjoint du Ministère italien de l’environnement et du territoire et de la FAO pour promouvoir la communication en tant qu’élément clé de la gestion durable des ressources naturelles, d’adaptation au changement climatique et de sécurité alimentaire. Le but de ce document est de présenter le travail fait in Congo par

Comunicación para la Innovación y el Desarrollo Rural en Yapacaní - Bolivia

[2011] This publication aims at systematizing and disseminating the activities undertaken by the Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI) in the department of Yapacaní, Santa Cruz, Bolivia. Yapacani was the first pilot area where the Bolivian component of the CSDI began its activities at the local level. At an exploratory stage, a participatory assessment of communication needs and opportunities for innovation and rural development was conducted. Subsequently the project designed

Tracking Initiatives in Communication for Development in the Near East

[2010] The main objective of this booklet is to provide an overview of current initiatives and projects focusing on Communication for Development applied to natural resources management and agriculture in the region, assess the main challenges, and identify links and opportunities to strengthen their collaboration and further advance Communication for Development in the region. The study highlights three main areas that need to be addressed to improve and increase ComDev

Communication Assessment and Action Plan for the LACC Project in Bangladesh

[2010] This study was carried out in the framework of the CSDI initiative in support of the FAO’s Livelihood Adaptation to Climate Change (LACC) project, which supports climate change adaptation, disaster risk reduction, and capacity strengthening for sustainable livelihoods in the rural areas of the drought-prone and coastal regions of Bangladesh. Two CSDI consultants visited LACC pilot sites to identify needs and lessons on the role of communication for livelihood adaptation and designed

ICTs and Large-Scale Poverty Reduction. Lessons from Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean

[2005] Hundreds of initiatives, projects and programmes around the globe are using ICT to help the up-scaling of poverty reduction efforts. But changes in technology and approaches happen extremely rapidly and it is difficult to condense common lessons. This publication edited by the Swiss Development Cooperation and PANOS compiles state-of-the-art lessons on the topic of ICTs for poverty reduction, in different regions of the world. These discussion papers and lessons