IAMCR/FAO Research Award and Collaboration on Rural Communication Services (RCS) #Lyon23

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IAMCR Rural Communication Working Group

The Rural Communication Working Group (RUC) of the International Association for Media and Communication Research (IAMCR) provides a platform for academic scholars and professionals working in the field of rural communication. The focus is on communication in rural areas and the intersection between communication and rurality with special attention to rural innovation, social change, and development policies and programmes that respond in a sustained and inclusive manner to the needs of rural populations.

In close collaboration with the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), RUC is presently supporting a series of research and networking activities on the application and institutionalization of inclusive Rural Communication Services (RCS) as applied to agrifood systems and sustainable rural development. Furthermore, within the framework of the United Nations Decade of Family Farming (UNDFF), FAO and IAMCR-RUC, in partnership with a series of universities, research centres, development institutions, and communication networks, are promoting the Collaborative Change Communication for Development (CCComDev) initiative that aims at sharing knowledge and increasing learning opportunities and collaboration in the area of communication for rural development.

IAMCR-FAO Award on Rural Communication Services (RCS)

Rural Communication Services (RCS) include a wide range of demand-led communication processes, activities, media applications, and institutional arrangements to respond in a sustained and inclusive manner to the communication needs of family farmers and the rural population at large. Recognized as a key factor in strengthening family farmers’ organizations and capacity for knowledge generation, the concept of RCS has evolved to become an integrated communication approach serving rural development processes.

On the occasion of Lyon23, IAMCR and FAO are offering three special awards to authors of papers that advance our understanding of applications of RCS, particularly in the areas of agriculture, family farming, natural resource management, climate change adaptation, food security, and disaster risk reduction. Special attention has been given to papers that consider elements such as: participatory design of communication services in rural areas; appropriation of media by family farmers; institutionalization of communication services for rural communities; and evidence-based approaches for inclusive RCS, particularly in the Global South. The following winning authors and their respective papers shall be awarded at the IAMCR-23 in Lyon, France on July 12, Wednesday, at 3:45-5:30 PM CEST (9:45-11:30 PM SST):

RCS: The Way Forward

FAO and IAMCR-RUC will continue their collaboration in the field of RCS with a series of  activities such as: mapping research initiatives related to RCS; sharing information on academic courses, training and learning initiatives related to RCS; and supporting research activities, internships and exchanges on RCS. Special attention will be given to improving the application of RCS to family farming and sustainable development facilitating a global community of practice and webinars through the CCComDev platform.

The collaboration between IAMCR and FAO directly involves six premier academic institutions interested to collaborate in the field of ComDev and RCS: The University of Queensland, University of Guelph, Wageningen University and Research, University of Reading, University of the Philippines Los Baños, and Van Hall Larenstein University of Applied Sciences.

Please join the webcasting of the IAMCR-FAO RCS Research Award session on July 12, Wednesday, at 3:45-5:30 PM CEST (9:45-11:30 PM SST) live from Lyon, France! Register at https://bit.ly/RCSAward