Brief and reports

World Congress on Communication for Development. Lessons, Challenges and the Way Forward

[2006] The first World Congress on Communication for Development (WCCD) took place in Rome, Italy, on October 25–27, 2006 and was organized by FAO, the World Bank, and The Communication Initiative. It was an unprecedented opportunity to gather three types of stakeholders who rarely interact: academics, practitioners, and policy and decision makers. The interaction and exchange of perspectives among these three groups served to enhance the overall understanding of the

At the Heart of Change. The Role of Communication in Sustainable Develompent

[2007] In this publication, Panos London sets out its view on the role of communication in long-term, sustainable development. It argues that a holistic approach would facilitate the formation of open societies where information and communication processes are ‘public goods’ that benefit all citizens and maximise the impact of development. The paper explores the roles that information and communication processes play in all of the key elements that foster development:

FAO Expert Consultation on ComDev: Meeting Today's Agriculture and Rural Development Challenges

[2012] The Expert Consultation on ‘Communication for Development: meeting today’s agricultural and rural development challenges’ took place in September 2011 at FAO headquarters. It brought together 32 international ComDev experts, scholars and representatives from rural development agencies, NGOs, national institutions and donors to assess the role of ComDev in relation to emerging challenges, and to identify priorities and strategic initiatives for contributing to agricultural and sustainable development.  Throughout the three-day