Written by Sarah Cardey, School of Agriculture, Policy and Development – University of Reading As a result of the FCCM, a Global Research Initiative on Rural Communication (GRI-RC) has been created with members from various universities including the University of Reading. We are developing a study to have a strong first look at evidence and research in rural communication services, which we believe will provide the basis for more in-depth inquiry.  As


Written by Cleofe Torres, College of Development Communication UPLB Strengthening ComDev capacity of rural actors is one of the FCCM priority areas for action, which runs through all regions in the world. ComDev is seen as a mechanism that can help bring about awareness, sensitization, behaviour change and enhanced capacity in areas related both to family farming and rural development in general.

ICTs: A boon or a bane for family farming?

Written by Cleofe Torres, College of Development Communication UPLB Are ICTs a boon or a bane in family farming? This was the question that emerged in the virtual discussions conducted in Asia, Africa, Latin America and at the global level in the last quarter of 2014. Majority of the discussants brought out the benefits of ICTs to family farming on two aspects: technical and social.

A Compendium of virtual consultations

This compendium attempts to recount various regional and sector perspectives of rural development actors on ComDev as an asset for family farming. These perspectives were drawn out from three regional virtual consultations that took place from 25 August to 12 September 2014 through FAO-AMARC regional platforms: Onda Rural in Latin America, Yenkasa Africa, and ComDev Asia. Furthermore, a global consultation meant to discuss and complement the outcomes of the regional consultations was held from 22 September to