University of North (Colombia)

The Department of Social Communication and Journalism, conscious of the need to advance research and theory building in the discipline, provides the first doctorate in communication in the country. This level of training of the highest standard to provide an opportunity to study for professional excellence, without having to travel elsewhere abroad, on the lines of journalism and media studies; and communication, health, and quality of life, which are supported by the Research Group in Communication and Culture PBX, recognized for excellence Colciencias (A1). The PhD in Communication arises from the need to strengthen the provision of training to the highest level in the field of communication in Colombia and thus encourage reflection and scientific development in this way contribute to the development of the country.

The Ph.D. in Communication is intended for practitioners in the area of ​​social communication and journalism professors from the faculties of communication and journalism professionals involved in the design and development of communication projects, and professionals from other disciplines who are interested in deepening their knowledge in the area of ​​communication.

Also available in Spanish:


Jesus Arroyave Cabrera, Ph.D. 
Director Department of Social COMUNICACÓN  
Phones: 35094443 3509509 Ext 4823