Objectives of Collaborative Change Communication

Collaborative Change Communication responds to the need for increased learning and networking opportunities among communication practitioners and development workers in developing countries and globally.


The World Congress on Communication for Development and the 11th UN Roundtable strongly recommended that “ComDev capacity be strengthened within countries and organizations at all levels, including local communities and field practitioners.” More recently the FAO Expert Consultation on Communication for Development recognized how this need for sound capacities becomes even more urgent in the agricultural and rural development sectors: these are currently confronted by an increasing demand for information and knowledge sharing to respond to the new, compelling challenges of climate change, natural disasters and food crises.

As a follow up to these recommendations, FAO Office of Knowledge Exchange, Research and Extension (OEK) launched the project “Collaborative Change Communication: learning and sharing in communication for rural development” with the College of Development Communication of UPLB as its partner organization. This effort was carried out in collaboration also with the Communication for Sustainable Development Initiative (CSDI) that aims to promote communication as a key to sustainable natural resource management, climate change adaptation, and food security.


The main goal of the Collaborative Change Communication initiative is to strengthen capacities, improve partnerships and facilitate knowledge exchange in communication for development (ComDev), particularly for sustainable rural development in the areas of climate change adaptation, food and nutrition security, and natural resource management, both at national and international level. It entailes three main steps:

a. Assessment of learning needs and global mapping of training opportunities in ComDev
b. Design, production and validation of training modules and multimedia learning materials
c. Establishment of a web-based network for learning and knowledge sharing

The CCComDev platform is intended to support stakeholders learn together and from each other, and work collectively to address ComDev issues. It also aims to establish and strengthen partnerships and collaboration among universities, as well as development and research organizations.

Specifically, CCComDev aims to:

  1. Develop capacities and empower practitioners in developing countries to apply new learning and improve their response to the new challenges in ComDev
  2. Broker information about learning needs and training opportunities in ComDev worldwide
  3. Facilitate sharing of knowledge and practices in ComDev, focusing on rural development, particularly in CCA, NRM and FS
  4. Build alliances and linkages between ComDev training providers to promote the pooling of knowledge products and in general increase interaction and cooperation among ComDev stakeholders
  5. Disseminate information and build collective knowledge on thematic areas in ComDev, stimulating debate among field practitioners, researchers and experts
  6. Provide a house for interactive and innovative learning modalities, including facilitated distance and e-learning

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