Miguel Victor Durian

Communication for Connection: The Grassroot Version

The smile that beams up the face of a 65 year old woman in an inner village in the south eastern part of Nigeria at the sight of her grandchildren holding out batteries to power up her portable radio reflects not only the joy in receiving gifts but also that of staying connected to the world. Though old and small with numerous constraints, her radio gives her access to local

University of Reading's C4D initiatives

The University of Reading (UoR), United Kingdom, offers an exemplary example of where formal education can be utilised to progress understanding and the meeting of global Communication for Development (C4D) agendas. With a leading Agriculture and Forestry department, comprehensive C4D Masters degree offering, university-led internship opportunities, and expert lecturers in the field, UoR is leading the way in facilitating the shaping the next generation of C4D activists. Applying C4D theory