Discussing communication and family farming at WRF conference

Discussing communication and family farming at WRF conference

Gains in political commitment around Family Farming were one of the most notable results of the International Year of Family Farming IYFF-2014. Not just because of reaping results in the form of numerous laws, programs and other specific public policy improvements, but also because of the spirit of collaboration and understanding generated among different entities, institutions and organizations.

To continue promoting this global context of dialogue and collaboration, Bilbao (Basque Country, Spain) will host the 5th World Rural Forum (WRF) conference “Let’s Build the Future: Family Farming” on 21, 22 and 23 September, 2015. The conference will cover the promotion of specific public policies that favour Family Farming. Because exchanging ideas and examples about specific Family Farming policies means talking about the conditions the men and women of the country and sea demand. It means analyzing how we can build a better future for the millions of men and women family farmers in the world and, after all, for all of us.

The conference will contribute to keeping Family Farming, smallholders, artisanal fishing, pastoralism and indigenous communities on the international agenda, as set out by the IYFF+10 initiative. It will bring together representatives from governments, agricultural organizations, international organizations, National Family Farming Committees, rural development associations, NGOs and research centres.  

On the third day of the conference, an open event titled “Communication efforts to enhance Family Farming” will introduce the contribution of farmer-led communication and community media to family farmers’ livelihoods. Following up to the Forum on Communication and Community Media for Family Farming (FCCM) held in Rome in October 2014, this meeting will foster debate on how to promote rural communication policies that favour family farmers. For further information about the conference visit www.ruralforum.net/v-conference or email conference1@ruralforum.net

The World Rural Forum (WRF) is a plural network that works in favour of family farming and sustainable rural development, composed of farmers’ federations, rural organizations and agriculture research centres from 5 continents. To learn more visit www.ruralforum.net 

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