FCCM feedback is interactive

Written by: Joshua Zukerman, AMARC International Secretariat

Welcome to the FCCM dedicated page.  The FCCM Team is eager to gather vital feedback from rural stakeholders, such as farming organizations, rural institutions, development agencies, civil society, indigenous peoples, academia, community media and communication networks. This is why this page has been created! Here, we encourage you to submit feedback, follow the discussions, and share important information on Communication for Development and family farming.

 You may do so by:

  • Providing your ideas via blog articles or by adding a comment
  • Sharing Your experiences, communication materials and documents in the FCCM Virtual Fair
  • Watching the event live via our livestreaming section and Tweeting your thoughts to us using the hashtag #FCCM (@FAOcomdev/ @AMARCnews)
  • Leaving us your questions or comments in the Leave a Message section

This space is meant to serve as a virtual bridge between those in Rome and our colleagues around the world! Come join us and have your say! We invite you to get involved

Article written by: Joshua Zukerman, AMARC International Secretariat

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