iCow: the agricultural platform for Kenyan dairy farmers


iCow is an agricultural platform that provides information services for farmers accessible via mobile phones: dairy farmers will be able to keep tabs on their cows and enjoy tips on best practice. 

The iCow platform has a series of dairy agri-products available over a menu system. Farmers dial a short code, *285#, and access a menu that guides them on how to subscribe to the various products.

After subscribing, the system begins to send farmers SMSs at intervals depending on the product of choice. On average the farmers will receive 3 SMSs a week at a cost of US$ 0.034 each. 

The service, developed by Green Dreams TECH Ltd, is available in English and Kiswahili and can be used throughout Kenya, powered in Kenya by Safaricom Ltd.

Kahumbu Stephanou, CEO of iCow, will introduce iCow at Plug and Play Day at the ICT4Ag Conference in Kigali, presenting how it works and sharing examples of how the platform has increased farmer productivity through access to knowledge and experts.

For more information visit iCow webpage.


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