Hope to critical global food security situation

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106506 millet harvesting machine india“The impact of climate change in exacerbating the food challenges we face does call for a profound rethinking of global agricultural practices. The good news is that solutions do exist.

In Africa, small-scale farmers produce over 70% of the food consumed, on less than 15% of the agricultural land, with a tiny fraction of the emissions generated by industrial agriculture,” says Nick Dearden, Director of Global Justice Now.

“The risk from climate change to food security is indeed very serious and solutions are not easy. We need to reimagine agriculture. Incremental improvements to existing agro-ecosystems are important and must be pursued but just doing the same better is not going to close the future gap between demand and production…The recent launch of a UK agri-technology strategy is positive but what is needed, urgently, is a Manhattan-scale international project to deliver the technology required to meet an existential threat to humanity” says Emeritus professor Mark Kibblewhite, President of Institution of Agricultural Engineers

See more at theguardian‘s “The global food security situation…”


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