The future of farming: Who will produce our food?

The future of farming: Who will produce our food?

Hunger is one of the many problems that people want to eradicate worldwide. Nobody gets happy knowing that many people are suffering—or even dying from hunger. As shown in the United Nation’s current statistics, around 8.9% of the world’s population is hungry. If this rate continues to increase, the number of people suffering from hunger will be more than 840 million by 2030 (UN, n.d.). Hence, the world situation is not on track to achieving the United Nation’s goal to achieve Zero Hunger by 2030. Therefore, continued efforts in food production are crucial. 

In 2021, a study was conducted to explore the interrelations between farming systems and farms in the global food system. This study found that farming, in different parts of the world, is highly interdependent. However, its economic viability is a global problem. The major trends in farming were identified in the study based on three primary resources for agriculture; labor, land, and investment capital. Meanwhile, in less developed countries, different trends were observed. Find out more about the study here


Giller, K.E., Delaune, T., Silva, J.V. et al. The future of farming: Who will produce our food?. Food Sec. 13, 1073–1099 (2021).

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Article contributed by Claudine Batimana, ComDev Asia intern

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