Marquise Blair Jersey  FemLINKPACIFIC: media initiatives for women

FemLINKPACIFIC: media initiatives for women

femlinkpacific FemLINKPACIFIC  is a feminist media organization that provides women with information and in advocating and raising awareness on women, peace and human security issues.  Its overarching development objective  is to address the imbalances caused by the traditional decision-making structures which impede women and young women's effective participation, especially from the rural population and the poor, to communicate openly on common matters.

Established in 2000, FemLINKPACIFIC has produced documentation and publications from rural and women’s networks including interviews conducted by young women producer broadcasters and rural correspondents and conveners. Voices of women in communities are not only heard through regular broadcasts on local radio, but also through other media initiatives such as video and other online content.

In addition to media work, FemLINKPACIFIC’s  reach extends through the co-convening of the Fiji Women's Forum and Fiji Young Women's Forum. It is also part of international networks such as the Global Partnership for the Prevention of Armed Conflict  and AMARC (the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters), WACC (the World Association of Christian Communications) –as the regional coordinator of the Global Media Monitoring Project.

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