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RNTC is a unique training institute for young and mid career journalists, programme-makers, print and online media professionals as well as media trainers and senior managers. 


Training the Trainers-In this course trainers can learn different methods for training delivery, such as traditional classroom-based training, as well as more innovative methods such as coaching, mentoring and computer and network facilitated learning. The course will emphasize the importance of exchanging knowledge and experience with the other participants.

Online journalism (e-learning)-The Online Journalism e-learning course provides knowledge and skills while promoting best practices in online journalism. It strengthens capabilities in both multimedia and online storytelling, as well as raising awareness of the changing environment (e.g. with regard to technology, the economy and public expectations) in which journalists have to operate.

Camjo (Camera Journalism)-The course familiarizes students with the basics of how to work as a camera journalist (camjo). The emphasis will be on ‘learning by doing’ applying basic theoretical principles in practical exercises and assignments using a professional DV camera and microphone.

Contact: Peter Veenendaal, General Manager


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