Information needs of rural farmers in Maharashtra, India

Information needs of rural farmers in Maharashtra, India

Access to information is vital to our everyday lives; in anything and everything we do. Rural farmers are a group of people who require access to specific information within a specific time to aid them in their daily agriculture work.

In the field of agriculture, it is necessary for farmers to receive timely and relevant information daily to help them assess their activities, avoid wasting of resources, and promote agricultural growth and development. 

The study conducted by Bachhav (2020) was conducted through a survey involving 175 farmers in Maharashtra, India. Results show that the majority of farmers require information on crop production, seed availability, and fertilizer availability. This set of information allows farmers to take on the right action plan to maximize all of their available resources.

Moreover, in connection to farming activities, the study shows that market information on agricultural production is the top information that farmers demand. The availability of this information allows them to control their production based on the ratio of consumers’ demand over the available supply.

Lastly, their fellow farmers top the list as the major source of information to rural farmers. Knowledge is passed from one person to another. Newspapers, government offices, and Community Information Centers (CIS) are also considered as source of information which helps for the betterment of the agricultural industry.

Reference: Bachhav, Nitin Bhagachand, “Information Needs of the Rural Farmers : A Study from Maharashtra, India: A Survey”. Library Philosophy and Practice (e-journal). 866. 

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Article contributed by Vincent Allen Fernandez, ComDev Asia intern

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