Family Farming of MERCOSUR (REAF) Reunión Especializada en Agricultura Familiar

The Specialized Meeting on Family Farming of MERCOSUR (REAF) is a meeting place for family farmers, rural organizations and institutions in the region, operating since 2004 with the aim of creating a framework of regional public policies for family farming. It is recognized as one of the most dynamic areas of the regional integration process, it has become a forum for discussion and development of policies, solidarity and participatory integration, approaching rural people to overcome asymmetries from the political dialogue between representatives governments and civil society.

Dr. Fernanda Maldonado, Secretary General Director
Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries
Phone: (+598) 2412 6327 – 2412 6347

Address: Luis Piera 1992 Floor 2 Workshop 201, Montevideo Uruguay
Contact No.: (+598) 24136411

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