Technical papers

ICT Enabled Development: Using ICT Strategically

[2010] This report was developed by Plan Finland to support country offices in Africa to apply ICTs more strategically and effectively to development goals. The first section explains the concept of ICT-enabled development, and the reasons why it is important for development organisations to take it on board. With many ICT tools and applications available, the job of a development organisation is no longer to compensate for lack of access

Community Radio Performance Assessment System

[2008] Inspired by the performance-based grant system adopted by some countries in the world, the Community Radio Performance Assessment Manual identifies a comprehensive list of indicators as a measurement tool to assess the impact and performance of community radio stations. These indicators cover all the key characteristics of a community radio station in terms of content, management, sustainability, participation and ownership. Underlying the scoring pattern is the inclusive emphasis given

C4D ‘Communication for Development’ Concept

[2004] This discussion paper was prepared by OneWorld based on a review of and reflection on existing knowledge, approaches and trends in communication for development.  Although the main purpose is to provide inputs into the broader ICT4D conceptual framework of the Swiss Agency for Development and Cooperation (SDC), the paper summarizes on communication for development intended as “people-centred communication, utilizing old and new communication technologies, that promotes and elaborates on peoples own

Approaches to Development Communication

[2002] This collection of papers edited by Jan Servaes is part of a UNESCO/UNFPA orientation and resource kit on Development Communication. It is made up of 4 parts: I. IntroductionThree general contributions set the stage for a more detailed analysis of the issue of communication for development and social change. II. Theoretical Underpinnings of Approaches to Development CommunicationGoing through various perspectives in terms of theory, research, policy making and implementation, the contributions

Connecting ICTs to Development

[2013] This publication presents a comprehensive analysis of the key findings and lessons learned from IDRC experience with information and communication technology for development (ICT4D). The book is structured around four thematic areas:  – Introduction to ICT4D at IDRC  – Catalysing access to ICTs – Sectoral application of ICTs – ICT4D in research