FAO is seeking Communication for Rural Development Specialist

FAO is seeking Communication for Rural Development Specialist

FAO is expanding its roster of consultants!

Communication is key to ensuring agricultural growth and sustainable development on a global scale. The FAO Communication for Development Team (ComDev) assists member countries, FAO programmes, decentralized offices and partners in the design and implementation of ComDev strategies and plans and the delivery of inclusive Rural Communication Services (RCS). Priority is given to improving stakeholder engagement in FAO programme delivery, enhancing the capacity of rural institutions and family farmer organizations in managing communication processes, media and ICTs supporting evidence and policy dialogue to establish inclusive RCS. Special support is also provided to the UNDFF Global Action Plan. The purpose of the call is to create a roster of communication for rural development specialists who are able to render their services in various locations, supporting field projects, institutions, farmers organizations, and other relevant entities to apply ComDev to agriculture and sustainable rural development.

Apply now!

Deadline for application: September 7, 2023, 11:59PM (CEST)

Location: Various locations

More information on the vacancy: bit.ly/ComDevRoster

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