World Radio Day 2015: focus on youth


World Radio Day (13 February) is an occasion to celebrate radio as a medium and to promote access to information, and free, independent and pluralistic media.

Listen to an interview to Mario Acunzo, FAO Communication for Development officer, talking about the importance of radio for the development of rural communities (in Spanish). 

Radio is the most accessible means of information among the poor especially in remote, marginal areas thanks to a low-cost and accessible infrastructure. Local and community radios, in particular, are capable of easily conveying information in local languages and are often open to content contributed by listeners, strengthening community values and sense of belonging.

The theme of this year’s World Radio Day is “Radio and Youth”. In order to improve inclusion and participation of young listeners, producers, broadcasters and reporters, UNESCO, along with its partners, promotes a series of activities aimed at giving voice to these young entrepreneurs.  

We would like to highlight two initiatives:

1. Online forum on Community Radio and Youth

photoThe Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN (FAO) and the World Association of Community Radio Broadcasters (AMARC), have launched an online discussion aimed at exploring the role of radio and community media in the lives of rural people in West Africa.

How are rural radio and community media contributing to empower youth and to improve resilience and food and nutrition security of rural communities in West Africa? 

The discussion is open between 2 to 23 February and hosted on FAO’s Forum on Food Security and Nutrition in West Africa. Please visit the discussion site to read the full topic. You can send your contributions directly to or post them online upon registration to the FSN Forum.

2. World Radio Day London

World Radio Day London: Seminar and Trade FairThe University of London will host a Seminar (6-8 pm) and a Trade Fair (2-6 pm) showcasing the latest research and innovations in the field of Radio and Development Communication. The event is organized by SOAS Radio in association with the Centre of African Studies and the Communication for Development Network.

Speakers include scholars and professionals working in the field of Radio in Africa, such as Kevin Perkins – Farm Radio International, Dr Sharath Srinivasan and Claudia Abreu Lopes – University of Cambridge, Will Snell –  Development Media International, Daniel Bruce – Internews Europe. For more information visit the event page or email:

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