World Radio Day 2022: Radio and Trust

World Radio Day 2022: Radio and Trust

The United Nations Educational, Scientific, and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) is inviting all radio stations throughout the globe to participate in the 11th World Radio Day (WRD) on February 13, 2022.

By several worldwide assessments, radio is still one of the most trusted and accessible forms of media in the world. With this, the theme for World Radio Day 2022 is “Radio and Trust.” Three sub-themes are covered in this year’s WRD celebration:

  1. Trust in radio journalism; 
  2. Trust and accessibility; and
  3. Trust and viability of radio stations

These activities are in line with radio’s goals to create independent and high-quality journalistic outputs, to serve the information needs of all listeners, and to guarantee competitiveness and sustainability. 

For more information on World Radio Day 2022, visit its official website.

With contributions from: Alexil Fajardo and Marian Ilinon, undergraduate students, College of Development Communication, University of the Philippines Los Baños

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