#ZeroHunger: FAO’s new podcast series on global food issues

#ZeroHunger: FAO's new podcast series on global food issues

Recently, FAO launched a new podcast dubbed as “TARGET:Zero Hunger”. This is to present the insights regarding the global conerns on food and agriculture worldwide.

The series is composed of bi-weekly episodes on the stories, issues and policies that are the root of global food security. 

Below are the list of episodes:

TZH01: Producing food in times of crisis: a look inside FAO’s work in emergencies

TZH02: Catching food fraudsters through isotopes

TZH03: Can biotech benefit smallholder farmers worldwide?

TZH04: Pulses: Orphan Crop of the Super foods

TZH05: Pantaneiro Revival: 500 Brazilian Cows and the future of Food Security

TZH06: The power of pollinators: why more bees means better food?

TZH07: Drones, data, food security: How UAVs offer new perspectives on agriculture

To access these episodes, click here.

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