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Online Course: Family Farming in Latin America and the Caribbean, a Key Sector for Food Security

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) offers an online, self-learning course on “Family Farming in Latin America and the Caribbean, a Key Sector for Food Security” (Course code: AF201409). This is in relation to its mandate “to collaborate with the countries of Latin America and the Caribbean in the formulation and adoption of policies and programs to increase the production of goods and services from Family Farming in a sustainable manner and,

In Focus: The Family Farming and Rural Territorial Development Initiative in Latin America and the Caribbean

The Panorama of Rural Poverty in Latin America and the Caribbean, an FAO publication published in 2018, reported that for the first time in a decade, poverty in the rural areas of Latin America and the Caribbean has increased. It further stated that rural poverty in the region increased by two million between 2014 and 2016, reaching a total of 59 million.  The Family Farming and Rural Territorial Development Initiative is a priority

Red de radios rurales de Argentina - Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos

De la Puna a la Patagonia y del mar a los Andes, “Sembramos Palabras, Cosechamos Derechos” es una iniciativa de comunicación comunitaria que articula 19 radios rurales gestionadas por las organizaciones campesinas en entornos rurales y periurbanos de 12 provincias de la República Argentina. Una experiencia territorial que marca una puerta de acceso a derechos básicos como el hábitat, la tierra, el agua y la comercialización. Florencia Lance y Martín Segura están al frente

Rural communication takes centre stage in the development agenda of Latin America

A Regional Forum on Territorial Development, Innovation and Rural Communication took place in Brazil from 12-13 November. More than 100 participants from 15 Latin American countries came together to share experiences of rural communication and innovation and discuss the need for institutional frameworks.  The Forum was organized by the Food and Agriculture Organization of the United Nations (FAO), the Brazilian Ministry of Agrarian Development (MDA) and the Brazilian Agricultural Research Cooperation (EMBRAPA). The event took place

PLATICAR: creating an agricultural knowledge system

PLATICAR is a knowledge ecosystem developed in Costa Rica with an ICT for agriculture approach, based on communication for development and knowledge management processes. It promotes the creation of communities of practice where rural leaders train themselves as knowledge managers and then train others, in a self-managed dissemination process. PLATICAR COMPONENTS The knowledge ecosystem is comprised of: 1. Knowledge Management Centres (Centros de Gestión de Conocimiento – GECO): decentralized hubs in which knowledge and

Forum on Territorial Development, Innovation and Rural Communication in Latin America

From 12-13 November 2015, Brasilia will host the Latin America Regional Forum on Territorial Development, Innovation and Rural Communication. The Forum will provide an opportunity to share experiences and lessons learned, and will address the need to create institutional frameworks and services that can strengthen policies and programmes for family farming and rural development in the region. The Forum is organized in the framework of the Regional Initiative on Family Farming and Rural Territorial Development launched by the

Exploring the role of ComDev in Latin America

A two-day conference on Media & Governance in Latin America will take place on 13–14 May 2014 to explore the role of communication in governance and development, focusing on Latin America. The event is hosted jointly by the University of Sheffield’s Department of Journalism Studies, Department of Hispanic Studies and Sheffield Institute for International Development (SIID). From the organizer’s website: “Latin America is changing. Nations are witnessing a resurgence in civil society, participation and protest. Media policy is a hot

Latin American conference on communication studies

Santiago, Chile, will host the UC-ICA Latin American conference to discuss Trends in International and Latin American Communication Studies. The conference, organized by the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile’s School of Communications, in collaboration with the International Communication Association (ICA) will be held from 18 to 20 October 2012 at the School of Communications in Santiago, in the campus Casa Central, Alameda 340 (see . This will be the