Mi Familia Vota

Mi Familia Vota’s mission is to build Latino political power by expanding the electorate, strengthening local infrastructures, and through year-round voter engagement. They are also training the next generation of leaders by opening opportunities through their Youth Development Programs and through our Mi Familia Vota work.

Mi Familia Vota is strategically located in states with some of the highest Latino population counts, but have worked to identify and serve communities where Latino participation in the electoral process is lacking. They advocate year-round on critically important issues that affect their community in the fields of immigration, voting rights, the environment, workers’ rights, education, and health care.

Email: info@mifamiliavota.org
Website: https://www.mfveducationfund.org/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/MiFamiliaVota/
Address: 3030 N. Central Avenue Ninth Floor, Suite 900, Phoenix, AZ 85012
Tel No: (520) 449-8412

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